Adding a Company

How to add a company (or clone a company), department, or client

In Breezy, each company can have unique Admins, Hiring Teams, and Team Members associated with that company.

You can use the new or clone company function to quickly add a new department, a new location, or a new client.

If you're an Admin, start by heading up and clicking the settings gear βš™οΈ on your sidebar, then choosing Add Company from the drop-down​. Note that each company you add will require its own subscription.

We'll pop up a screen where you can enter the name for your new company (or department, location, client) and if you don't want to copy over any of your current company resources? Just click the blue button to Add Company.


Rather copy some of your resources over?

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You can switch to your new company in by visiting the settings gear βš™οΈ and selecting switch companies. Use the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide) to get your new company, department, location or client up and running in a flash.

Cloning a Company

You don't always need to begin with a fresh slate – give yourself a head start by cloning some (or all!) of your current company's resources.

Head to your profile picture, click it and choose Add Company from the drop-down. Now, click the blue link to Show Options. You'll see a small section that asks you if you'd like to copy company resources. We think you would! Toggle the switch on the right to Yes, and you'll see a slew of resources to choose from.

Leaving all of these options checked will bring every resource mentioned into your new company, just as they're configured in your current company.

If you'd like to be more selective – Positions, for instance, may not be the same from one company to the next, but Message Templates might be – just click the x to remove that resource from cloning.

When you're ready, click the blue button to Add Company.

Breezy will refresh, and take you to a new Welcome Screen. You'll see your new company icon along the left-hand margin of your screen. You're good to go! πŸ‘

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Adding a Company

How to add a company (or clone a company), department, or client

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