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Adding Notes to Candidates

Use Notes to record and organize your private and public thoughts on candidates.


We like to think of Notes as the web version of the little notebook you carry into meetings ... only not for doodling. 😆

Use Notes to record and organize your thoughts on candidates throughout the hiring process.

You can find your Notes tab to the right of Candidate Information when you open a Candidate Profile (right next to Scorecards and Emails).

Click the blue link to +Add Note and jot down any (or all!) of your impressions of the candidate ("Says like, like, every other sentence. Like, it's distracting.").

Notes default to Private, but you can choose to make the Public by clicking the padlock :lock: icon. You'll see a blue notification that lets you know the Note is now Public.

Tap Save to finish the Note.

Notes that you make Public will show up underneath that Candidate's Scorecards, where Hiring Managers can see them.

Copying Notes When You Copy Candidates

When you copy a candidate from one position pipeline to another, your Notes (both Public and Private) will automagically stay with them.

To copy a candidate, move up to the header of the Candidate Profile and click the silhouette 👤 with the plus + sign. Go ahead and choose to which position pipeline you'd like to add your candidate from the drop down available.

Click the blue Yes, Please to confirm your copy, and you're all set! Your Public and Private Notes will show up in the candidate's new Candidate Profile in the assigned position pipeline.

Deleting and Editing Notes

If you create a note and notice a typo or that you placed on the wrong candidate, you have the ability to edit or delete the note. Please note that Company Admins are able to delete but not edit discussion messages, unless they are the owner of the message. Owners of a note can edit and delete.

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Editing Candidates

Editing Candidates

Adding Notes to Candidates

Use Notes to record and organize your private and public thoughts on candidates.

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