Applied Candidates

Where are your high-quality applications coming from?

Breezy's one-click job board promotion is easy … almost too easy. Since we know you're too smart for a spray-and-pray recruiting strategy, use the metrics available in the Applied Candidates report to dissect your best candidate sources and see where you might want to double down on advertising for future great hires.

Candidate Source Overview

Here you'll see a breakdown of each candidate source, the quality of the candidates coming from that source (assuming you're using Breezy's Scorecards), and both volume and quality comparisons for the time period(s) you choose.

The columns in this report show you the Total Applied candidates, the Previous Total (from the timeframe you've selected), and the change from the Previous to the current timeframe one; next, you can see the Average Score per candidate, the previous Score, and the percentage Change in Candidate Scores from the previous timeframe to the current one.

Sources Volume History

Whether you're using our free job boards or Breezy's premium job boards, knowing the kind of candidate volume you've gotten in the past (broken down by source) helps you plan for future hires.

Candidate Volume by Source

What percentage of your candidates come from a given source? Find out fast with a simple visual representation of how each source performs from a comparative volume perspective in this report.

Candidate Score History by Source

How well was a certain job performing at this time last year? Are you getting great quality candidates in June, but not in October? What were you doing differently?

Understanding the quality of your candidates (determined by the Scorecards submitted), filtering by source and plotting these on a timeline shows you what promotions were the most valuable in the past, and can help your plan for future promotions, as well.

Candidate Score by Source

Using Scorecards data, Breezy shows you where you're sourcing the hires that your team loves best. Use this report in conjunction with the more volume-focused reporting in the Sources Volume History to get a clearer picture of your hiring funnel's effectiveness.


Also in Position Reporting

These recruiting metrics are also available at the position level - access them in the Reporting tab on each position.

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What's Next

So far, we've looked mainly at inbound applicants. Let's see how your proactive Sourcing is doing:

Sourced Candidates

Applied Candidates

Where are your high-quality applications coming from?

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