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Document eSigning

Here's how to create, edit, save templates and send documents that require eSignatures in Breezy.

Breezy's integrated document signing lets you send and receive legally binding, signed documents to and from your candidates … and we make it as simple as attaching a document to an email.

You can also configure and save document templates, so you can design each kind of document once (W4, NDA, Offer Letter), and use it forever - saving you time, ensuring accuracy, and giving your candidates the seamless sort of experience they expect from a modern org like yours.

Create an eSignature Template


Heads up!

You'll need to be an Admin to create and edit eSignature documents.

Head to the βš™ Gear icon in your Breezy sidebar, hover over recruiting preferences and choose the Message Templates section. You'll see a window like the one below – look for the eSignature Templates header and click the blue button to +Add eSignature Template.

Go ahead and fill out the text of the email and the subject line on the next screen, then name the template – since you can make these email templates widely available, try to name it something other people will recognize, like "Offer Template."


Don't forget to use your variables!

When you add a variable to an email template, Breezy will populate that variable according to the information we have in the Candidate Profile you're sending to. For example, when you send a template email to a candidate, {Β {candidate_first_name} will become Frank, the {Β {position_title}} will become Customer Service Agent, and so on. Variables are very handy! πŸ‘β€‹

Click the blue link to +Add document, and choose the document you'll need candidates to sign from your computer.

Click the blue button to Save & Configure, and we'll take you inside the document so you can add the details of where the candidate should sign, initial, add dates, or fill in other information.

Just drag document requirements like signature, date, text, checkboxes, or initials into the document and drop 'em where you need the candidate to input information.


Templating 101

Remember that you'll want the candidate to fill in the document details, so you truly have a template. For instance, go ahead and put a date option on the d​ate line, but don't enter today's date. For text fields, add a spot for them to enter things like Position Title, or Address.

Sending the eSignature Document

To send the document for signature, head to the Candidate Profile, click the Emails tab (furthest to the right), and choose your template from the drop-down menu labeled *βœ‰οΈTemplates*

Take a minute to review the email, the variables, and we'll bring you right into the document to ensure that all looks πŸ‘Œ good to go.

Then, once you've confirmed it's perfect, click the blue button to Continue – we'll take you out of the document, and bring you right back to your Breezy Candidate Profile.

Click the blue button to Request eSignature and πŸ’¨ it's sent!

Your candidate will receive an email from HelloSign with the subject line and message text you had added to your template. They'll click the link, fill out the doc, and submit it back to Breezy.

Breezy will send you notifications both when the candidate opens the email, and when they've submitted the document. πŸŽ‰


Some notes:

  • At this time, you cannot send eSignaure docs to multiple candidates at once - one at a time, folks πŸ˜‰
  • For this reason ^, you won't be able to send eSignature docs as part of a Stage Action

Updated 3 months ago

Document eSigning

Here's how to create, edit, save templates and send documents that require eSignatures in Breezy.

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