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Candidate Pools

How to create and manage your Candidate Pools

When you've got fantastic applicants but no role to for them at the moment, Breezy's Candidate Pools make it easy to track and manage them over time.

You'll create and manage Candidate Pools and applicants in your Candidate Pools in much the same way as your current Positions (aka very simply).

Here's how:

To create your own Candidate Pool, head to your Position section, where you view/create Positions.

On the right side, you’ll see a blue + Add Pool button to the left of + Add Position. Click it!

We'll pop up a screen where you can enter the detail for the Pool: The name for your new Pool, a category, any additional information for your Pool, and custom tags for faster searches.

Click the blue Next Step button to continue to the Pool Pipeline tab

You'll recognize this type of screen from your Position pipelines … it works the same way! Need a quick refresher?

You'll follow the same steps to add or edit stages and automation in your Candidate Pools.

Then, just add your optional Scorecards, Hiring Team, and click the green button to *Activate!

You can always take a Candidate Pool from active to Draft, Closed, or Archived from your Positions view.



Breezy has keyboard shortcuts to help you manage candidates more efficiently. Click here to see them all.

Updated 9 months ago

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Candidate Pools

How to create and manage your Candidate Pools

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