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Criteria Corp

Breezy has teamed up with Criteria Corp to provide comprehensive pre-employment testing solutions.

Criteria Corp offers an unlimited access to their portfolio of:

  • Aptitude tests

    Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test, Minicog Rapid Assessment Battery, Criteria Attention Skills Test, Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude

  • Personality tests

    Employee Personality Profile, Customer Service Aptitude Profile, Workplace Productivity Profile, Sales Achievement Predictor, Criteria Personality Inventory

  • Skills tests

    Criteria Basic Skills Test, Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Typing and the Ten Key Test


Criteria Corp Account

You'll need to have an account with Criteria Corp before activating our integration.

Connecting your Account

To connect your Criteria Corp account into Breezy, you'll access the Integrations section via your System Settings ⚙ located on the sidebar.

Scroll down to Assessments and select the settings next to 'HireSelect by Criteria Corp'

Inside the settings, you'll be asked to provide your API credentials.

You can contact your account manager at Criteria Corp to obtain the API credentials required to integrate into Breezy.

Once added you'll click Save Changes and you're ready to start sending assessments.

Sending Assessments

You can trigger an assessment by clicking the drop-down icon next to email in the top right of a candidate profile, or from their Assessments tab.

Automate Assessments with Stage Actions

Performing assessments at scale is something that has never been easier with enabling a Stage Actions on your assessment.

When editing your position pipeline, you can add in a stage action to automatically send your assessment when a candidate enters a stage and put them in a different stage once the assessment is completed.


Status Updates

As the candidate moves through the process of completing an assessment we'll keep you up to date with status update notifications via email and in the conversation/email stream in on your Candidate profile.

Reviewing Assessments

Once the candidate has been sent an assessment, you'll be able to monitor this from inside the Assessment section of what assessment has been sent, if it has been completed, and the completed assessment.

Clicking "View Full Report" will give you a more detailed PDF version of the results.

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Criteria Corp

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