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Customize your Pipelines

To get to the Recruiting Pipeline editor, click the βš™οΈ gear in the Breezy header, select 'Recruiting Preferences' and navigate to the 'Pipeline Stages' option in the menu.

There you'll have the ability to add new pipelines, reorder stages and edit existing ones.

Adding a New Pipeline

To add a new pipeline, click the blue Add Pipeline link. Give your new pipeline a name and add as many stages as you'd like by clicking the add stage button.

Editing a Pipeline

To edit stages you've already created, click the edit button (pad and pen). Use the drag and drop feature to re-order stages while in this view.

Assigning a Pipeline

To assign a specific pipeline to a job, click that job's βš™οΈicon on the top right. From there, select the Pipeline tab from the left-hand side. Select the correct pipeline from the drop-down​ window to assign.

Filtering Pipeline View

You can filter your pipeline to only view candidates that fit certain criteria, such as who they are assigned to or who they were referred by. Simply look for the funnel in the top left while in the pipeline view. Choose your criteria and click Apply Filter. The filters will reset each time you visit the page. πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
You can also save the filter as a Segment to be reused in future filters.


Automating with Stage Actions

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Customize your Pipelines

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