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⭐️ Your Candidate's Profile

Candidates Profiles are your go-to view for candidate information, feedback, conversation and editing candidate information.

Updating Contact Information

The Details column is where all of the candidate contact information is located. If you're a Hiring Manager, you can update, add and remove information in the Details column by clicking directly on the information you want to change.



Breezy has keyboard shortcuts to help you manage candidates more efficiently. Click here to see them all.

Updating Experience

The Experience tab is where Breezy houses all of the candidates' experience and education details.

If you're a Hiring Manager, you can use the :pencil2: pencil icons to the right of each entry to change the information you see.

As you add details to your candidates, they'll appear in the appropriate tabs on the left-hand​ side of the profile. Available tabs:

  • Resume: Breezy will parse the candidate resume automatically from an online profile, or you can manually upload one using the blue πŸ“„ Upload Resume link in the Resume tab.
  • Questionnaires: Breezy will populate this tab with any Questionnaire responses from your candidate. You can also send the candidate a Questionnaire from this tab, using the blue Send Questionnaire link.
  • References: We'll put any information we gather from Reference Requests that you send out to this tab. You can also manually add a Reference here, using the blue Add a Reference link.
  • Attachments: Breezy will add any additional, miscellaneous documents that we receive from the candidate to this tab, e.g., copies of a valid license, writing samples. You can manually attach documents here as well, using the blue +Attach Document link.

Beyond Basic Information

The right-hand side of the Candidate Profile provides you with a holistic view ​and lets you take action on them, as well. Available tabs:

  • Discussion: Have a conversation about your candidate, using @-mentions to notify teammates when you need their attention. Find out more in our Discussing Candidates as a Team resource.
  • Calendar: Displays upcoming candidate meetings, making it a great companion to Breezy's Scheduling Candidate Interviews features and a useful overview of who's on deck.
  • Scorecards: If you're a Hiring Manager and you've enabled Scorecards you'll see your team's Structured feedback with Scorecards here, as well as any additional notes that Hiring Members make on the candidate.
  • Notes: This is where you can keep private Notes to yourself about the Candidate. Learn more about notes in our Adding Notes to Candidates resource.
  • Emails/SMS: You can send emails and SMS messages straight to the candidate from this tab, and also keep track of the ones you've previously sent, and any upcoming messages as well. Learn more about Timing Candidate Emails here.

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⭐️ Your Candidate's Profile

Candidates Profiles are your go-to view for candidate information, feedback, conversation and editing candidate information.

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