Employee Portal

Just like how it is important to have a great looking Career Portal it is also important to have a way for your employees to refer other awesome candidates or even apply to internal positions.

Let's jump into the quick steps in enabling your Employee Portal and how you can get your entire company participating in the recruiting process.


Admin access to manage

Like all company settings, you'll need to be a company admin to access and manage the Employee Portal

Locating the Employee Portal Settings

Inside your settings gear, you'll find the employee portal inside the Recruiting Preferences tab.

The Employee Portal is simplified, with simple changes to the Appearance and Messaging sections.

You'll also be able to select the domain of who can access the Employee Portal. So if you only want your employees to have access, you would just add in the domain of your company email address and click '+Add Domain'.

Once enabled, you can share the link of the Employee Portal to whoever you want to provide access or they can find the Employee Portal on your Career Portal

When they access the Employee Portal, they'll need to register quick with their email address and they'll receive a confirmation and link for access.

Now that they are in the Employee Portal, they'll have access to any positions that are enabled for Employee Referrals or any Internally Posted Positions

Referral Links

If enabled, users will be able to share personal referral links to their friends and colleagues through their social media platforms, email, and more. If someone applies via their link, they will be credited with that referral.

Interested in leveraging your Employee Portal? Check out how to enable your Employee Referrals and Internal Job Postings

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Employee Portal

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