Employee Referral Candidates

Learn how to leverage your employees to grow your team with Employee Referrals

Ask any top performing company where their best employees come from and they'll tell you โ€“ it's employee referrals every time! Breezy's Employee Portal is perfect for leveraging not only your team's built-in talent pool but also their social and professional networks.

Breezy's Employee Portal is easy to enable, customize, and manage as an admin. And as an employee? You'll be able to choose any open position on the Employee Portal, then add your referred candidate in just a few clicks.


Employee Referral Portal is available to customers on Growth, Business, and Pro plans.

Admin Setup

Your Employee Portal is not enabled by default, so here's how you'll need to get started onโ€‹ the admin side:

As a company admin, head to your โš™ gear icon (Settings) in the Breezy Sidebar and hover over the Recruiting Preferencesโ€‹ tab then look for the Employee Portal section (hint: the one with the briefcase!):

In the General tab, you'll need to switch the green toggle button to Enabled. Then, add your website domains and email domains, using the blue links in the sections provided.

This General tab is also where you'll find a link to quickly access your referral portal, or to share it with your team:

Once you've enabled your Employee Portal, we'll populate it for you with the Hero image and logo from your Career Portal. If you'd like to change the Hero image and logo, you can do that in the Appearance tab.

Heads up!: Any changes you make in the Employee Portal appearance will be reflected in the Career Portal, as well. Careful out there ๐Ÿ˜‰.

The last tab here is Messaging, where you can modify the text that appears over the Hero Image in your Referral Portal, and include sub-header language. You've got the option to include more information about your company referral program (like incentives!) in this tab, too โ€“ use the free-form text entry window, and that text will show up under your Hero image and subhead.

Heads up #2!: Messaging changes, unlike Appearance changes, are not shared with your Career Portal, and are only visible on your Referral Portal.

When you're all set, click the blue button to Save Changes.

Employee Side

Now that it's all set up, your employees can access the Employee Portal from the Referrals link in the upper right-hand corner of your Career Portal.

They'll be asked to sign in with their whitelisted company email address, and send themselves an email with a magic link to the portal. The magic link allows them access to your company Referral Portal as an employee (if they stay signed in, they'll only have to do that once!):

As an employee, you'll click the magic link in the email, and Breezy will take you to the Employee Portal, which lists all of your company's open positions.

Click the Add Referral button next to the position that you'd like to refer your candidate to, and you'll get a pop-up that asks for the candidate's name, resume, and contact information. The pop-up also allows you to type free-form notes about the candidate for your hiring team.

๐Ÿ“Note: The resume is a required field; you won't be able to refer a candidate without including a copy of their resume.

How do you know if your referral went through? We'll give you a big ol' confirmation screen:

You'll see on the candidate's profile who referred them:

Employee Referral Reporting and Analytics

When it comes time to see how well your referral program is working, head to the Reports section.

Tracking details and analytics for your referred candidates will be in the Position Reports tab, and you'll get all kinds of fun stuff, like:

  • Volume of Referrals
  • Total Candidates Referred by Position
  • Percent of Referred Candidates by Team Member, and
  • Average Candidate Score by Referred Team Member

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Employee Referral Candidates

Learn how to leverage your employees to grow your team with Employee Referrals

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