Enabling GDPR Features

Breezy’s GDPR functionality is enabled globally for your company and then applied individually to positions and candidate pools regardless of their geographic region for maximum flexibility.

That said, when creating positions based in the EU GDPR functionality will default to on if you’ve enabled it for the company as a whole.

Breezy provides a ton of features to make it easier for you to stay compliant.

You can learn more about these features in the following areas which are defined in GDPR:

Candidate Consent
Find out how to require consent for different types of candidates.

Candidate Right to Access
Candidates have a right to their personal information. Find out how to provide upon request.

Candidate's Right to Erasure
Candidates have a right to delete their personal data. Find out how to comply upon request.

Privacy Notice
Inform candidates of how their personal data will be used and stored.

Accessing GDPR Features

To access Breezy's GDPR features, select the settings gear ⚙️ on your Breezy sidebar, click company settings in the pop-up menu and then scroll down to GDPR Compliance in the next menu that opens. Here you can enable or disable the GDPR features and access the features through the settings gear ⚙️.

Enabling Existing Positions

Initially after you've enabled GDPR, you'll need to go through and turn it on for the specific positions you want to enforce compliance on. To do so, edit a Position or Candidate Pool and then go to the Application tab (for Positions) or the Compliance tab (for Candidate Pool).

From there you'll see a Compliance section with a GDPR Candidate Consent option. Just click Required and you're set.



While Breezy has worked to provide you with the best and most relevant information in regards to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, we highly suggest that you do some research of your own and seek legal advice to ensure you are complying in the best interest of your organization.

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Candidate Consent

Candidate Consent

Enabling GDPR Features

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