GDPR Overview

Way back in in October 2015 the Court of Justice of the European Union invalidated the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement. Safe Harbor was the agreement that governed the way US companies handled personal information from, and on behalf of, their European customers. The purpose of the law is protect the personal data and privacy of users as a fundamental right. GDPR allows individuals to have better control over their personal data.

Lucky for you, Breezy has worked tirelessly to ensure you are GDPR compliant while using your Breezy HR account. Security and data integrity has been and will continue to be a top priority for Breezy. On the following pages you will find all the tools available in Breezy to stay GDPR compliant. However, you are still responsible for complying with GDPR requirements in the best interest of your organization.

Additional Resources

Below are some helpful resources and overviews of the regulation:



While Breezy has worked to provide you with the best and most relevant information in regards to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, we highly suggest that you do some research of your own and seek legal advice to ensure you are complying in the best interest of your organization.

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What's Next

Enabling GDPR Featurees

Enabling GDPR Features

GDPR Overview

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