Google Calendar

How to enable the Breezy Google Calendar integration, and how to use calendar availability to your advantage

If you use Google Calendar to manage your schedule, enabling the Breezy Google Calendar integration saves you time in (at least!) two instances:

First, no need to keep toggling between apps to see what's coming up while you're working inside Breezy – with your Google Calendar enabled, it's one click to preview your availability from both the Positions and the global Calendar views.

Second, when you're ready to schedule an interview, you'll be able to review your availability and select the appropriate time as a seamless part of your interview invite workflow. If your teammates choose to share their calendars, too, we'll show you their availability on the same calendar … all right inside Breezy, all just part of the smoothest scheduling setup you've seen yet.

Enabling Google Calendar

Enabling Google Calendar takes less than a minute (assuming you can remember your Google password πŸ˜‚):

Step 1

Navigate to your User Settings

Step 2

Click the Enable button to the right of the Google Calendar integration option.

Step 3

We'll redirect you to Google. From there, select the account you want to enable.

Step 4

Google will redirect you back into Breezy, and put into your User Settings view. You'll see the Google Calendar integration button green and Enabled.

Selecting where Invites are sent from

With your Google Calendar integration, you also have the option to select if you want your invites sent from Breezy or Google Calendar (the βš™ just left of the 'Enable' button).

Sending the invite from Google Calendar allows you to edit the event inside Google Calendar allowing you to add in more customization in the event (read more about

Yup, that's it!

How to use Google Calendar inside Breezy

Now that the Google Calendar integration is enabled, you'll notice a few new options in Breezy:

Looking at the Breezy Calendar view, either at the Position-level or globally, you'll see booked time slots blocked off in gray.

Any Candidate meetings you've scheduled are labeled green, and include the candidate name.

When you're scheduling a meeting with a candidate, you'll go through the same series of screens as usual:

First, choose the location, your video option, and add a description or interview guide if you like.

Click Continue and you'll see the option to add attendees by name or email. If these attendees' chose to share their calendars, their availability will show on the following screen, right along with yours.

Click Continue and you'll see you have the new πŸ”ŽAvailability option under the date and time, all the way to the right.

Click πŸ”ŽAvailability to see your calendar, as well as other participants' shared calendars, in a new, color-coded calendar view.

Click to select the relevant open blocks of time available right from the calendar view, and we'll add them to the invite!


  • Click and drag over several blocks to select longer times.
  • The Calendar defaults to a 5-day view. To the right and left of the Date heading, you've got options to see more weeks, just Today, or you can click Day to see the schedule of any particular day in greater detail.
  • If you choose to Add Date & Time Options to send a candidate multiple times, you'll see the new πŸ”ŽAvailability option next to each one.

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Google Calendar

How to enable the Breezy Google Calendar integration, and how to use calendar availability to your advantage

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