Meeting Invitations via Google Calendar

With our Google Calendar integration, you have the option to manage details of the calendar event directly inside Google Calendar that will go directly to the candidate or the hiring team invited to the meeting.


Editing calendar event

Only the owner/creator of the candidate meeting is able to make edits that will sync to the other recipients and candidate

Editing the hiring team's calendar event

When a new candidate meetings is created, the owner of that event will be able to see two events in their calendar; one to the team invited to the event and one to the candidate.

The calendar event for the invited hiring team will show all internal participants, candidate details, profile, and interview overview.

Editing the candidate's calendar event

The candidate event will show the candidate invited and any description that was added when scheduling a meeting.

Editing You Google Calendar Events

After the events have been created, you can go into each one and add/edit details to either event such as...

  • Meeting room
  • Custom conferencing links
  • Notification
  • Description

Editing your events inside the Google Calendar will allow you to add these custom options to ensure you have all the details needed when interviewing your candidates.


Updating both events

Make sure that if you are editing custom details that are relevant to both your interview team and the candidate that that are done in both events

Syncing from Breezy to your Calendar

Breezy keeps your event synced to your Google Calendar in case there would be any reschedule of date/time or even a cancellation.

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Meeting Invitations via Google Calendar

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