Hiring Teams

Hiring Managers vs Hiring Members, plus a table of the permissions in Breezy

In Breezy, each job posting will have a unique Hiring Team associated with that posting.

These will be the folks that will be involved in the hiring process for this position in one way or another – whether it's at the interview stages, all the way through, or just to make the final offer.

Invite New Teammates to your Company Teams

If you're a Company Admin, you can invite completely new members or Hiring Managers and add them to specific teams from your Company Settings – that's located in the βš™ icon on your sidebar. Choose the Manage Teams section to edit.

Adding Teams to Your Positions

There are two types of Hiring Team roles, Hiring Member and Hiring Manager:

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers can manage candidates. πŸ˜‰ Specifically, they can:

  • Add new candidates
  • Move candidates between stages
  • Communicate with candidates
  • Schedule candidates for interviews

Hiring Members

Hiring members are the people on your team that you'd like feedback from. In general, Hiring Members can:

  • Post notes
  • Share their feedback via Scorecards.
  • Contribute to team discussions

For the full breakdown of what each role can do, head to the Permissions Table

You can invite existing teammates to a team from the Hiring Team tab that you see when you're editing the position.

Permissions Table

Here's a full breakdown of available actions for each type and teammate available in Breezy:

Company Settings Permissions

Company Settings


Hiring Manager

Hiring Member

Manage Members

Edit Career Portal

Edit Referral Portal

Edit Pipeline Settings

Edit Interview Guides

Edit Scorecards

Edit Questionnaires

Edit Email Templates

Access Tag Manager

Edit Subscription

View Billing

Manage Integrations

For the User Only

For the User Only

Positions Permissions



Hiring Manager

Hiring Member

Create Positions

Activate Positions

Approve Positions

Change Position State

View Positions

Edit Positions

Promote a Position

Edit Position Tags

Candidate Permissions



Hiring Manager

Hiring Member

Add Candidates

Move Candidates

Message Candidates

Send Questionnaires

Schedule Interviews

Follow Candidates

Complete Candidate Scorecard

View all Candidate Scorecards

Assign Candidate

Copy Candidate

To other positions they manage

Delete Candidate

Set Candidate Reminders

Add tags to Candidates

Mass Message Candidates

Mass Move Candidates

Mass Delete Candidates

Team Message re: Candidates

View Candidate Details

View Candidate Experience

View Candidate Resume

View Candidate Questionnaires

View Candidate References

View Candidate Documents

View Candidate Calendar

Edit & Update Candidate Details

Edit & Update Candidate Experience

Collaboration Permissions



Hiring Manager

Hiring Member

View Communication with Candidates

Create Public & Private Notes on Candidates

View Public Notes on Candidates

Contribute to Team Discussions

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What's Next

Want to create custom user roles and permissions for your team members? Check out the resource:

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Hiring Teams

Hiring Managers vs Hiring Members, plus a table of the permissions in Breezy

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