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Indeed Assessments

Breezy and Indeed work together to help you quickly identify high quality applicants. By simulating the types of skills they’d need on the job, Indeed Assessments helps you see who has the right skills to help you meet your hiring goals.

Connecting Your Account


New Customers

Please note that Indeed assessments no longer accepts new customers via ATS partners. If you are not a current Indeed assessments customer you will not be able to integrate this feature.

You need to create an Indeed Assessments account prior to connecting with Breezy.

From within the Indeed Assessments platform at, you will have the opportunity to create an assessment package tailored to the exact job for which you are hiring.

Once your Indeed setup is complete, you can start the integration by obtaining your API Key. Your API Key can be found by connecting Breezy HR from the Integrations section of your Indeed Assessments account.

To connect your Indeed account into Breezy, you'll access the Integrations section. Locate via your System Settings βš™ located on the sidebar, hover over recruiting preferences, then select integrations. Once inside, select Indeed and enter your API Key then click save. Then that's it, you're connected!

Sending Assessments

Inside a candidate's profile, you'll have the option of sending candidates assessments through your quick buttons in the upper right, or through the 'Other' section on left-side for candidate information

After you click Send Assessment you'll havdrop-downdown list of all the options you have created in Indeed for you to send to candidates.

Automate Assessments with Stage Actions

Performing assessments at scale is something that has never been easier when you enable a Stage Actions on your assessment.

When editing your position pipeline, you can add in a stage action to automatically send your assessment when a candidate enters a stage and move them to a different stage once the assessment is completed.


Status Updates

As the candidate moves through the process of completing an assessment we'll keep you up to date with status update notifications via email and in the conversation/email stream in on your Candidate profile.

Reviewing Assessments

Once the candidate has been sent an assessment, you'll be able to monitor this from inside the Assessment section of what assessment has been sent, if it has been completed, and the completed assessment. As the candidates take the assessments, you will see their scores populate in Breezy. You can then return to Indeed Assessments for additional details, if needed.

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Indeed Assessments

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