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When you're hiring as a team, you need to keep feedback handy and actionable. Creating an Interview Guide is the first step toward a structured hiring process, which helps you make sure that your team delivers a fair and consistent evaluation of each candidate.

If you're running a Structured Interview process: When you attach an Interview Guide to a candidate, you're taking a load off the interviewer – or your future self! – by proactively making sure that you ask all the candidates the same questions, in the ​same order.

If you're running a less structured interview process: You can use the guide to remind of you specific questions that you want to ask, so chatty conversations don't eat up all your interview time πŸ˜„.

Interview Guides also give you a template for your Candidate Scorecards, so that when you come to the final review stage, your top picks jump right out!

To create an Interview Guide, you'll click the βš™οΈ gear on the Breezy sidebar, scroll over Recruiting Preferences and then select Interview Guides:

Now, you'll see the option to create a new Interview Guide (shown below).

You can also edit, clone, or delete any guides already in place using the icons to the right of the guide names:

Start your guide by adding a descriptive name (eg: Customer Service Agent Level 2); then add and any relevant reference documents in the first section (like work samples) that may not be included in your candidate's resume.

Next, add sections to format the questions in your guide. If you're used to the structured interviewing process, you might have sections for Situational, Behavioral, Role-Specific, Soft Skills, and General or Company Knowledge questions.

A less structured interview process could include questions you section off by trait, like Personality or Technical Aptitude.

Click the blue Add Item and Add Section links to add as many sections and questions as you like! Each gives your interviewers the instruction or reminders they'll need to gather the information you need to make your final choices.

You can use the Reorder link to rearrange your questions and sections via drag and drop. Click the Xs to delete questions or sections. Click the blue button to Save Changes when you're finished (and you can always come back to edit your Interview Guide later).

Now, when you're ready to schedule an interview with your candidate, you'll find a section that asks you to choose your Interview Guide in a drop down, at the bottom of the Schedule Meeting popup:

Choose the appropriate Interview Guide for the role, click the blue Continue button, and the guide will attach right to the interview appointment, along with the candidate resume.



Copy the questions from your Interview Guide over to a Scorecards and enjoy the most productive interview ever. πŸ˜‰

The interview guide will appear right in the calendar invite for easy access!

Inside the calendar invite will also be a link to a candidate overview. This includes the interview guide on the right-hand side.

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Interview Guides

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