Messaging Candidates

Candidate communication is the basis for any recruiting; since you can't know their skills, background, experience and more without striking up a conversation. What's even more important is having that communication easily shared with your hiring team so everyone can be informed of each candidate with no road blocks.

Locating Candidate Messages

Inside the candidate's profile, you'll see the Email / SMS header toward the right side of the window. Click on the name and you'll be taken into the modal where you can view the entire conversation thread of the candidate, plus be able to email or send a sms (text) message to their mobile phone.

Sending a Message / SMS

Toward to right side you'll see 2 buttons for Compose Email and SMS. Clicking the respective button opens up the section for you to craft your Email or SMS to the candidate.

With both our Email and SMS option, your messages go directly into their inbox or phone. You'll also be able to take advantage of...

  • Email Templates for quicker messaging
  • Delayed messages to get the perfect timing
  • Stage Actions to automatically send and scale your recruiting


Email Address & Phone Number

Make sure you have a valid candidate email address or mobile phone number

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Messaging Candidates

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