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Video Responses

Meet your candidates face-to-face, right from their application or later in your process.

If you're trying to judge soft skills – like presenting ability, selling personality, or even language proficiency – Breezy's one-way video interviews, or Video Responses, are a simple, seamless way to do it.

When you choose Video Response as the format of a question in your Questionnaire, we'll ask candidates to record their answers in a video. Breezy will store that video, along with every other piece of candidate information, right in the Candidate Profile. This way, multiple members of your team can check out their responses – saving your pre-screen time and letting you get to know your candidates a little bit better, even before you meet them.

Create a Video Response Question

Navigate to your Questionnaires section, from the ⚙️ gear icon for your Settings in your Breezy sidebar. Choose to edit a Questionnaire using the 📝 pen and paper icon, or create a new Questionnaire using the blue Add Questionnaire link.

Write up a new question that you'd like the candidate to answer in video format – in the example below, we've used "Tell us about yourself," but feel free to get creative: You can ask candidates why they want to work for your company, how they use a product you sell, or maybe how they'd sell the company product back to you.

Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Video Response.

Response Time Limits

Response times are limited to 60 seconds. If you are on a Business or Custom Plan you can increase time limits to 2 and 5 minutes.

What Your Candidate Sees

For this example, we've used the question, "Why do you want to work for us?" all your candidate needs to do is click or tap the "Record Video" button to record their video response on the spot!

They can re-record their answers as many times as they like! After they've finished, they'll be able to choose the appropriate thumbnail image for the video, too (none of those weird, open-mouth-talking stills).

Where to find completed Video Responses

We'll add the video response to the rest of the information in the Experience tab on the Candidate Profile. Or, if you sent the question at a later stage Questionnaire, we'll capture it with the rest of the responses in the Questionnaires tab of the Candidate Profile.

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Video Responses

Meet your candidates face-to-face, right from their application or later in your process.

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