Overview Report

These are the highest of your high-level company recruiting metrics.

Here's where you'll find the stats and status of every position in Breezy. Use it to get an at-a-glance view of the positions you’re hiring for, and the number of candidates at every stage in the hiring pipeline.

Candidates Report

Here, you'll see a timeline of Applied, Views, Sourced, and Referred Candidates, so you can identify application patterns and volumes over time. Below the graph, we give you the exact numbers for each of these actions. You can change the dates of your reporting, and also compare those dates to a previous timeframe to get a high-level idea of how effective some of your methods are performing over time.

View Sources Report

If you're enabling Breezy's Job Boards to distribute and promote your positions all over the Internet, check out our View Sources chart to see what sources are bringing in the most attention.

Use this report to make decisions about where to re-advertise or refine from a volume perspective.


Converting Your Passive Views to Applied Candidates

We know that passive, interested candidates are tough to identify and nurture. See how Breezy Hello πŸ‘‹ can help you proactively engage with them, creating better relationships and a stronger employer brand, right from the start.

Apply Sources Report

Moving down the hiring funnel, take a look the volume of candidates applying to your positions. This report gives you a quick breakdown on your application sources.

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What's Next

Want to dive a little deeper? Use the Applied Candidates Report to drill down to the details and discover which sources are bringing you your best applications.

Applied Candidates
Applied Candidates (Position Reporting)

Overview Report

These are the highest of your high-level company recruiting metrics.

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