Position Approvals

Need to create an Approvals Process to activate your positions? Here you go!

Whether you need just one person to approve a Position before it's activated, or you need an entire chain of approvers, Breezy's Position Approvals are here to make the process seamless, effortless, and fast.


Heads up!

By default, any team member that can create a position can activate that position, as well.

As an Admin, you can control how your company handles approving a job for posting (activating) from your recruiting preferences menu (click the settings gear then recruiting preferences on the sidebar) – look for Position Approvals.


Breezy can handle your Approvals in three different ways:

  • No approval required (this is the default)
  • Any Company Admin may approve
  • An ordered list of people must approve – we call this the Approver Chain

Approval Breakdown

Approver Chain

If you take advantage of our Approver Chains, you can ask both team members and non-Breezy account holders to approve your positions. Just add in your teammates by name, then add any non-Breezy folks by email address.

And don't worry about adding your chain in perfect order – you can rearrange the chain of people to fit your process when you're finished adding Approvers.

Multiple Approval Flows

Different teams responsible for different positions? No problem! You can have multiple approval flows and assign by position. You can also change the default flow for positions not assigned assigned a specific flow.

Assigning Position Type Approval Flows to Positions

You can quickly assign approval flows inside of the position settings and update at any time.

Sending Position Approvals

Breezy will prompt you to write a quick note to your approvers when you send them an Approval Request – use it to give them specific timelines or clarification points on the position. You're welcome to a attach a file where you're there, too.

When an approval is requested, we'll send each approver an email, at just the right time, asking them to review the position and decide if they should accept or reject it.

Position in Review

While your position is waiting for the chain to approve it, you'll see it highlighted in yellow on your dashboard and elsewhere, reminding you that it's under review for the time being.

If you need to, you can cancel the approval process from the Positions view.

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Position Approvals

Need to create an Approvals Process to activate your positions? Here you go!

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