Questionnaires are a versatile tool in Breezy, and they can serve a variety of purposes. This section explains the basics of Questionnaires, how to set them up, and links you to some specific uses cases.

Questionnaire Overview & Video

Questionnaires are sets of one or more custom questions that you'll present to candidates – either during the initial candidate application process or at later stages.

Watch this video to get an idea of the power of Questionnaires inside Breezy, then read on for the details.

How to Create a Questionnaire


Company Admin Required

Only users with the Company Admin role or custom permission have the ability to create and edit questionnaires.

To create a new questionnaire, click the ⚙ gear icon in your Breezy sidebar to go to your Settings, then hover over Recruiting Preferences, then select the Questionnaires section from the dropdown menu.

Add a new Questionnaire by clicking the blue +Add Questionnaire link. Name your Questionnaire. Then, for each question, enter your question and optional question description in the fields provided to complete your Questionnaire.

There is no limit to the number of questionnaires you can add.

For each question, you can choose from eight different response types in the drop-down. We describe text, paragraph, multiple-choice, and checkbox responses in just a minute here.

For responses that are a little more involved, head to their specific resources:

Question Response Types


Text responses are perfect for short-form questions. These should be used when you're expecting responses from one word to a couple of sentences.


Paragraph responses are perfect for long-form​ questions. In a paragraph response, candidates have no text limit and can enter multiple paragraphs.

Multiple Choice

With a multiple-choice response, the candidate will select the best possible answer out of the options​ you provide. You can even automatically move candidates to a particular stage based on their response with this kind of question; check out Screen Candidates Based on Answers for more on that! 👍


Checkbox responses allow candidates to check all categories that apply.

Video Responses

A Breezy customer favorite, Video Responses connects you with your candidates in a tangible way, early in the hiring process. asking a candidate to answer a question with a video is as easy as choosing Video as the question response type. Learn more: Video Responses

Advanced Questionnaires (Multi-Path)


Available Business plans and above

This feature is only available to Business tier customers. See our pricing section for more information.

Advanced Questionnaires let you create a questionnaire that reacts to people’s answers. Candidates never have to skip irrelevant questions — because, with Advanced Questionnaires, they’ll never even see them.

It’s also a great way of segmenting your candidates and making the experience as easy as possible for them. The results? Higher completion rates, through a more personal, human experience for your respondents.

Advanced Questionnaires use multiple sections. Each Section contains a list of questions specific to it. When a candidate responds to a multiple-choice question, you can choose to then have them jump to a specific section to complete those questions based purely on what answer they chose.

Here you can see the 3 sections we've created. The first section will ask a multiple-choice question, then based on the response, we will jump to another section of questions based on the candidate's selection.

Here you can see the first question the candidates are asked. As you can see, each response has a "Go to Section" option which determines what questions we'll follow-up with.

On the Candidate side of things, they'll see something similar to this.

Email Templates for Questionnaires

You also have the option of creating and editing the email template that will go out with the questionnaire. Just click 'show template' and you can create your email.

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What's Next

Using a Questionnaire to extend your application, screen candidates, or send one later in the pipeline … automatically.

Using Questionnaires with Application Forms
Screen Candidates Based on Answers


Questionnaires are a versatile tool in Breezy, and they can serve a variety of purposes. This section explains the basics of Questionnaires, how to set them up, and links you to some specific uses cases.

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