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Reference Requests

How to collect references as part of a Questionnaire.

Reference Request

You can request references from your applicants when you Extend Your Application, or as one of your Stage Actions for Automation, to send when a candidate moves to, say the Interview Stage.

Either way, you would use a question within a Questionnaire to do it.

Start a new question in one of your Questionnaires – or a new Questionnaire entirely, if you plan to send the reference as a standalone, as part of a later stage – just as you would any other Question. Choose Reference Check from the drop-down, and you'll see a few new options:

Leave the auto-verify box unchecked if you'd prefer to conduct your own reference outreach, and candidates will submit information that can then be used at your own discretion.

If you'd like more detailed information about the reference, go ahead and add additional questions to that specific Questionnaire.

What Do Reference Requests Look Like for My Candidates?

Updated 9 months ago

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Auto-Verifying References

Auto-Verify References

Reference Requests

How to collect references as part of a Questionnaire.

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