Referred Candidates

Referred Candidate Reporting will show you how well your Employee Referral program is working, from a few different perspectives.

Research tells us that employee referred candidates are up to 30 percent less likely to quit their positions, they have substantially better performance on high-impact metrics, and the even cost less to recruit.

Breezy's built-in Employee Referrals give your team the tools it needs to recruit these high performers … and the following reports can show you how well you're taking advantage.


Premium Feature

Employee Referrals are available to customers on our Business and Pro plans. Check out our Pricing Page for more details.

Candidate Referrer Overview

Here you'll see a breakdown of each referring employee's performance, the quality of the candidates coming from that employee (assuming you're using Breezy's Scorecards), and both volume and quality comparisons for the time period(s) you choose.

The columns in this report show you the Total Referred candidates, the Previous Total (from the timeframe you've selected), and the change from the Previous to the current timeframe one; next, you can see the Average Score per candidate, the previous Score, and the percentage Change in Candidate Scores from the previous timeframe to the current one.

Candidate Volume History by Referrer

Understanding the kind of sourced candidate volume you've gotten from each referring member of your team in the past will help you plan for future pipelines. Do you need to push harder on a teammate, given their amazing referral history? Is one teammate constantly out-referring others over time?

Candidate Volume by Referrer

Which of your employees is really committed to referring great candidates to your company? The Candidate Volume by Referrer report will show you how well your team is referring candidates from a Volume perspective.

Average Candidate Score by Referrer

How well was a certain teammate referring at this time last year? Was someone referring great quality candidates in June, but not in October? What were they doing differently?

Understanding the quality of your candidates (determined by the Scorecards submitted), filtering by the referring employee and plotting these on a timeline shows you what tactics and teammates were the most valuable in the past, and can help your plan for the future, as well.

Candidate Score by Referrer

Using Scorecards data, Breezy shows you who is referring the hires that your team loves best. Use this report in conjunction with the more volume-focused reporting in the Candidate Volume by Referrer to get a clearer picture of your sourcing funnel's effectiveness.


Also Available in Position Reporting

These recruiting metrics are also available at the position level - access them in the Reporting tab on each position.

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What's Next

Now that we've reviewed inbound, sourced and referred candidates, it's time to see how well they're moving through your pipeline (s):

Pipeline Performance

Referred Candidates

Referred Candidate Reporting will show you how well your Employee Referral program is working, from a few different perspectives.

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