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Sapling works for onboarding to offboarding to automate administrative tasks so you can focus on growing your company’s most important asset: people.
With Sapling, all of your people data and HR technology live in one place, empowering People Operations leaders to build the best teams.

Enabling the Sapling Integration

You can enable the Sapling integration by clicking on your settings gear ⚙️ in the sidebar, hovering over recruiting preferences and selecting integrations. From here you will click to enable the Sapling integration and the system will allow you to enter your Sapling subdomain and API Key. You will then be able to add candidates to Sapling.

Manually adding a new employee to Sapling

Once your candidate is moved to the Hired stage, open the candidate's profile and click on "Add to Sapling" in the top right corner of the profile. Clicking this will automatically add the candidate to your Sapling account and Sapling will show up in the candidate details section under "Added to".

Adding new employees automatically using Stage Actions

Automatically add candidates to Sapling with Stage Actions. Set up the Stage Action by clicking the settings menu next to the stage where you want the stage action to happen. Click "Edit Stage Actions" in the dropdown. Once in the "Edit Stage" box, click the dropdown for "Available Stage Actions" and select "Add to Sapling". Now, any candidate that reaches the stage will automatically be added to your Sapling account.


Pending Hires

Once candidates are in Sapling, you must onboard pending hires inside of your Sapling account.

Supported Fields

As part of the integration with Sapling, the following candidate properties are supported:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Job Title

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