Scheduling Links

Let the candidate pick the best time based on your teams availability.

Scheduling interviews just got way easier with scheduling links.

With Scheduling Links you define your meeting criteria in advance, then share the unique scheduling link via email or text and let the candidate pick the best time based on your teams availability. You can even have them sent out automatically through Stage Actions and you can use them with both email and SMS / text messaging.

Here's how you create them.

You can create system-wide scheduling links that are available to all positions and Hiring Managers, or you can also create personal scheduling links you can save and re-use on your own.

To create system-wide Scheduling Links you must be a Company Admin. You can find them by clicking the settings gear βš™οΈon the sidebar and going into your recruiting preferences tab.

Personal scheduling links can be created on the fly while you're composing an email or SMS/text message like this:

From there you give you link a name, define all of the usual meeting criteria like the interviewers, duration, interview guides, etc, and then finally you can select the windows of time you'd like candidate to be able to choose from.

Not only will we check your Breezy calendar, but if your Interviewers have their Google or Outlook calendars integrated with Breezy, we'll also screen them for available times.

Using your Scheduling Links


Hiring Manager Required

To schedule an interview, you must be a Hiring Manager for the position and the candidate must have an email address entered.

Once you've created some scheduling links, you can use them in a couple of powerful ways:

  1. Message Templates: You can add those links into Message Templates and then use them in any place a Message Template is supported. That means you can also automate scheduling interviews with Stage Actions!.

  2. Email & SMS: You can also use Scheduling Links in both Email and SMS / Text messages! And since the candidate experience (see below) is beautifully mobile optimized, scheduling via text message is super quick and easy.

What the candidate sees

Once you've sent your email or text message, the candidate will click on your scheduling link and see a simple, easy to use self selection system that takes into account all of the criteria and calendar information available.

Here's an example:

After selected, both the candidate and the Interviewers will get a calendar invite. The candidate gets all of the information how when and where the meeting is taking place and the Interviewers get an overview of the candidate and any other information (Interview Guide, Scorecard, etc) you've included as part of the meeting.

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What's Next

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Scheduling Links

Let the candidate pick the best time based on your teams availability.

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