How to add Scorecards to a positons, and why you definitely want to.

Scorecards are a list of criteria you define and associate with individual positions for the Hiring Teams to use when evaluating Candidates. They're super easy to create and use, and they simplify your final hiring decisions by providing every candidate with a numerical score.πŸŽ‰

Video: An Intro to Scorecards

Introduction to Scorecards

With Scorecards, Hiring Team members will be able to provide feedback in the form of Notes, in addition to rating the criteria you've defined with a super-simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down system.

Breezy then turns these ratings into an overall score for the candidate, and we'll insert that score right next to the Candidate's profile photo.

If you're a Company Admin, you can create and manage your Scorecards by heading to the βš™ gear icon in your Breezy sidebar for Settings, hover over Recruiting Preferences, then click​ the πŸ‘ Scorecards section.

Need some solid advice on what to add to your Scorecard? We've got a blog post that can help with that! Check it out (you may want to scroll down to Step 2 πŸ˜„)!

Once you've created a Scorecard, assign it to a position by editing that position with the πŸ“ pencil and paper icon next to

If you'd like team members to be able to share written feedback on your custom sections you can enable it like this:



Breezy has keyboard shortcuts to help you access scorecards more quickly. Click here to see them all.

Automate Scorecard Feedback

Now that you've configured your Scorecards, why not make sure your whole team fills them out, on every candidate?

Breezy lets you Request Scorecards as a Stage Action … so when a candidate moves into the Stage of your choice (a feedback stage, perhaps?) we can ping everyone on the hiring team to let them know it's time to rate the candidate.

Here's a refresher on where to set up your Stage Actions for Automation.


Making Changes to Scorecards

When you make a change to a scorecard, any existing candidate feedback given by your team on the custom sections will be removed.

Hiring Team members will see the Your Scorecard button on each Candidate view. This is where they provide their feedback using simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down, neutral ratings, or candidate feedback.

After at least one candidate completes their scorecard, a circle with a numeric value will appear next to the candidate profile photo. That is their score and as additional feedback is gathered, that score will evolve. The score is a great way to objectively compare one candidate against another.

Hiring Managers for the particular position will see a Scorecards tab on the right-hand side of each Candidate Profile. From there, they'll have access to a breakdown of all of the team feedback and scorecard information in a single view.

Beyond just the thumbs up or down, you can enable to request written feedback in the scorecard with the click of a button.

Scorecard Reminders

Waiting on a few extra-busy member of your team to complete their scorecards? Use the Request Scorecards link to send reminders out to them.

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What's Next

You know what pairs really well with a Scorecard? An Interview Guide! Why not check 'em out? Alternately, have another look at Stage Actions to make sure you're making the most of your Breezy automations.

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How to add Scorecards to a positons, and why you definitely want to.

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