Setting a Candidate Reminder

Timing is everything when hiring. Sometimes, though, you're not completely in-sync with a candidate you're interested in. The Candidate Reminder tool helps keep candidates top of mind down the road.

For example, you may reach out to someone who is interested, but still has six months of a company contract left. To make sure you keep her top of mind, you can set a reminder to follow up once the contract is complete.

To set a reminder, open a candidate card and click the three dots in the top right corner.

A calendar will open, so you can select the date you'd like to be notified. In the message section, add any notes you'd like to receive along with the reminder. These notes are private to you and will not be visible anywhere else prior to receiving​ the reminder email.


Please Note

You can set up as many calendar reminders as you'd like. You're not limited to one per candidate.

To cancel a reminder, open the candidate's card and click the x in the upper right-hand​ corner.

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Setting a Candidate Reminder

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