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Let Breezy communicate with your team in Slack,

Looking to enable our cool Slack integration? Head to your ⚙ Settings (in the Breezy sidebar). Hover over Recruiting Preferences then select the Integrations tab. You'll see Slack listed near the top.

Access to Slack Integration

Note that only admins can enable the slack integration.

Click the Enable button and you'll be redirected to Slack to authorize our access.

There you go! Breezy will now start delivering useful information into the channel of your choosing in Slack.

Want to customize what we send along?

After enabling, click the new ⚙ gear icon that appears next to the enable button and check/uncheck which options you'd like to see us send. We're particularly fond of reviewing & grading candidates right from Slack, by checking also allow channel members to score/rate candidates in Slack.

It will act like this when you're finished:


Let Breezy communicate with your team in Slack,

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