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Slack Notifier

Receive notifications and interact with Breezy without ever leaving Slack.

If you use Slack, you're going to ❤️our Slack integration.

It gives you a personal, private way to be notified about and react to common Breezy hiring tasks without ever leaving Slack.

Here are a few quick examples:

  • Get notified about new candidates
  • Move candidates between stages or assign them to team members
  • Share team feedback regarding candidates
  • View & reply to candidate emails & text messages
  • See and respond to @-mentions from your teammates
  • Get reminders

There's SO much awesome packed in here. We know you're going to love it.

Enabling the Slack Integration

You can enable it from your User Setting section like this:

Using the Slack Integration

Once enabled, Breezy Notifier will send you a DM (Direct Message) in Slack and say hi :wave: .

From that point on, we'll begin sharing all of the juicy Breezy related info directly inside of Slack. Things like new candidates, tasks, @-mentions, etc.

What's even more exciting is that for most of the things we notify you about, you'll be able to take action on them directly in Slack. Things like marking Tasks complete, or replying to a candidate. You can even assign candidates to team members and move them between stages! 🎉

Managing Notifications

Still, not everything we can tell you about is something you want to know about.

Because of that, you can control what notifications are sent from the Notifications tab of you in User Settings.

If there's something else you'd like to see as part of this integration, let us know here:

Updated 8 months ago

Slack Notifier

Receive notifications and interact with Breezy without ever leaving Slack.

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