Looking to predict candidate fitness before you interview them so you know where to focus your recruiters time? Traitify has invented a 90-second image-based format for personality assessments that are​ science-backed, mobile friendly, and has >95% completion rates--even when given early in the application process. Use Traitify personality tests to engage passive talent, increase performance and retention, decrease time and cost to hire. The same tests that used to take 45 minutes, now fun and engaging and administered in 90 seconds. You have to see it to believe it!

With Breezy's integrations of Traitify, assessments are delivered immediately with actionable information to your hiring team.

Let's get your Traitify account connected and assessments sent!

Connecting Your Traitify Account

When connecting your account, you'll need to locate your API key inside your Traitify account. You'll find this inside your home page via the 'Developers' tab. Select the 'API Keys' option from your dropdown

Inside your APi Keys section, ​you'll find your API key. You'll only need to copy the 'Public Key' so add into Breezy

In Breezy, you'll navigate into your Integrations section through your Recruiting Preferences

Once inside your Integrations, you'll find the Assessments section to connect enable Traitify and add in your API Key

Sending out assessments

Having your candidates fill out assessments can be done by sending one straight to​ their profile or you can create a stage action to send this as well.

Candidate Profile
Inside the candidate profile, click More in the left panel, then Assessments. Simply click "Send Assessment" and select which assessment you want to have the candidate complete.

Stage Action

You can also add sending an assessment as a stage action in your pipeline so that your candidates automatically receive one. There is also the option to move candidates to a new stage once the completed so you know which ones to review.

Reviewing Completed Assessments

Once completed, you'll be able to review all the details of their assessment right inside the profile.

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