Promoting Your Jobs

Once you have a written job description, it's time to get it out to the world. On Breezy, you can do this three ways:

  • Sharing via your career portal
  • Sharing via our free job board partnerships
  • Sharing via our premium job board partnerships

All these features can be accessed in the Promotions tab of all job listings.

From there you can control the positions visibility on your career portal, free job boards as well as enable some of the Premium posting options.

Premium postings are a great way to increase your inbound funnel with more targeted and often higher quality candidates.

Based on the type of positions you're posting (i.e: software engineer or salesperson​), Breezy will generate a list of recommended Premium options that may help better target your ideal candidate and get them hired sooner.

You can learn more about these on our Premium Job Boards page.

Updated about a year ago

What's Next

How are your promotions performing? Check out your Reporting & Analytics to find out!

Tracking Source Analytics
Premium Posting on Indeed

Promoting Your Jobs

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