Create a Position

Creating a position is the first step in connecting with great candidates! Find out how to add a position in Breezy.

When you’re ready to post an opening on your career portal or third-party job boards, start by creating a position in Breezy.

You can save the position as a draft, if you want to return later to make changes, or activate the position if you’re ready to open it up to applicants.

How to create a position

You can create a position anywhere you see the + Add Position button, or from the Positions/Pools list.

  1. Click Positions/Pools in the left sidebar.
  2. Click + Add Position in the top-right corner.
  3. Complete the fields for each section, shown in the left sidebar.
  4. Click Next Step to advance to the next section.
  5. Click Activate Position or Save as Draft when you’re finished.

Once your position is activated it will be published on your career portal. Our team will review the positions to make sure it meets requirements, then it will be posted on job boards.

Learn more about job posting guidelines.

Note: The following fields are required to save a position:

  • Position Title
  • Position Type
  • Location details – even if you've checked the Remote/Telecommute box
  • Job Description

How to activate a position

If you save a position as a draft, you can activate it later from the position or pipeline view. Just look for the status dropdown, which shows a colored dot. Active positions have a green dot and draft positions have a blue dot.

To activate a position:

  1. Click Positions/Pools in the left sidebar or open the position.
  2. Click the status dropdown (colored dot) next to the position’s name.
  3. Click Active (green dot).
  4. If required, complete the approval request.

Position settings

You’ll advance through each section of the position’s settings when you’re creating a position. You’ll see each section in the left sidebar of the position view, and can return any time to make changes.

To edit a position:

  1. Click Positions/Pools in the left sidebar.
  2. Open the correct position.
  3. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top-right corner of the window to open Position Settings.

Note: Admin or Hiring Manager permission may be required to make changes to a saved position.


Enter the basics of your position, from title and department to location, status, and requirements. You can also include tags, to help you organize and track the position in Breezy, plus custom fields and other internal info.

The following fields in the Details section are required:

  • Position Title
  • Position Type
  • Location


Location, location, location

It’s important to include a valid location in your job post, even if it’s a remote position, so job boards can display your position to the appropriate candidates.


Enter the job description as you’d like applicants to see it. You can type the description in our rich text editor, or paste it from a document or other source.

If you don’t already have a job description ready, you can choose one from our searchable job description library! Just click the dropdown in the top-right of the text editing window.

Application form

Choose the Career Site you’d like the position to appear on, and decide how you’d like candidates to apply and what information to collect on your application form. You can also include a Questionnaire and set preferences for compliance.


Choose a Pipeline to use for the position, and update Stage Actions if needed.

Candidate Scoring

Add a Scorecard to use for evaluations, to collect feedback from members of the hiring team.


Choose job boards to promote your position on. All free boards are enabled by default, and you can choose from premium boards to advertise on.

Hiring Team

You’ll assign a Hiring Team to each position you create. This is a group of company members that will collaborate throughout the hiring process for that specific position. You can use the same hiring team for multiple positions, or create unique teams as needed. You can also add external recruiters if you’d people outside your team to submit candidates directly.

Learn more about hiring teams and permissions for each role.


If your admin requires it, you can choose an approval flow for the position, to get the sign-off you need to start accepting applications.

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Create a Position

Creating a position is the first step in connecting with great candidates! Find out how to add a position in Breezy.

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