Write Your Job Description

This is the first action we'll prompt you to take when you Add a Positon.

Video Intro to Job Posting

We'll explain things step-by-step below, but if you'd rather watch than read? Here you go!

Add A Position

To begin your first job post, click the blue +Add Position button near the top of the positions page.

You'll see the Position Details window pop up. Tabs along the left-hand sidewalk​ you through your job post steps, but we're just going to look at the Position Details here.

If you're hiring for a role you don't know much about, or just need a job description in a flash, we've got you covered. You can pre-fill a description from our searchable job description library.

Ok, so as the name of the tab implies, here you define all of the details of your job description. Here are some notes to keep in mind:

  • For job boards, we make sure that you include a valid location in your job post, so they can display your position to the appropriate candidates.

  • Last but not least, the rich-text editor for the job description lets you create headers, bulleted and numbered lists, and even embed images in your job description. Make it count!

If you'd like some additional advice on creating a standout job description, check out one of our recent posts: How to Write an Enticing Job Description.

When you're finished with your Position Details, click the blue Save Changes button in the lower right.


The following fields are required to Save Changes:

  • The Position Title
  • The Position Type
  • The location details – even if you've checked the Remote/Telecommute box
  • The Job Description (with the rich text editor)

Activate Your Position

At this point, you're welcome to trust Breezy's default application and free job board distribution, and just click the blue Activate button in the lower right corner of the screen to make it live.

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What's Next

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Write Your Job Description

This is the first action we'll prompt you to take when you Add a Positon.

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